Deb Peters


BREAKTHROUGH Lifestyle Makeover

6 Month One-on-One Coaching Program


Over the course of this six month program, we go deeper into the mental and emotional work, and we spend more time on individual habits to find the best way to apply them to your lifestyle. Changing habits and behavior patterns takes time, and in this program we will focus on establishing mindset and behavior patterns that you can apply throughout your life. We are always striving for the next best version of ourselves, and this program sets the groundwork for that.

  • 60-Minute Initial Consultation and Goal-Setting session
  • Weekly Practices
  • Weekly 30-minute check-in via phone or video chat
  • Unlimited text and email support
  • Worksheets and other resources
  • Custom workouts (body weight and weighted) designed specifically for you
  • Healthy Recipes e-book
  • Healthy Pantry Shopping Guide
  • Healthy meal prep, planning and recipe ideas


Payment plans are available for this program.

What clients are saying:

Five years and 80 pounds ago I made a New Years resolution to lose weight. I had NO idea where to start. I was overwhelmed by just the thought of starting. By luck and probably some help from a guardian angel, I met a coach who would change my life, and worked in my building so I couldn’t hide from her 😉.

She taught me how to eat better, make healthy choices and build muscle. I worked out with her three times a week (I miss my workout ladies!). That year I lost 50lbs! Coach Debbie Peters taught me I could do it and showed me how!


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